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Wild Are The Flowers

Wild Is For Flowers

Have you ever been around Portland, Oregon in the springtime? Have you ever seen the explosion of high desert blooms that blanket the Columbia River Gorge? Do you ever wonder to yourself “My oh my, it would be pretty rad to have my family photographer capture us amidst the yellow balsamroot and the lilac lupine?” Well folx, I’d like to take you on a tour of one of my favorite places to shoot those spring wildflowers. After all…I’m not WILDling photography for nothing.

Wild is for Soul

There is something unbeatable about spring wildflowers. The renewal. The smell of fresh earth. The sudden burst of color after a dull monotonous winter. The mornings are still crisp and cool, but the evenings are sun drenched and warm your skin. If you are looking for happiness, this is the place. Within just over an hour outside of Portland are multitudes of hidden (and known!) blooming goodness, perfect backdrops to bring your soul back to the wild we bury deep inside.

Wild Is for Hearts

Our families our are hearts. And our souls. Families look and act a million ways. One year the kids are calm and quietly toddling about, and the next they are running an absolute muck and throwing sticks and yelling and downright embarrassing you. But I have great news for you: No matter what your family looks like. No matter how they act. No matter who they are: GOOD BEHAVIOR IS NOT REQUIRED.

Book your spring wildflower session here. The best time to book is April, and spots generally fill up quickly. For more of my client work, visit here. I travel all over the local haunts, mountains, gorge and coasts to find the most loveliest of flowers.