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Columbia Gorge Spring Session

In just two short weeks the mighty Columbia River Gorge will be in full bloom! An explosion of lupine and balsam root and desert parsley and all the good stuff in between. These desert blooms have been used for centuries by the Native Americans for medicines, ceremonies and rituals, and with each wildflower session we will always honor the land and stick to the path. Portland are you with me?

Tell Me More

This magical place will bloom until September with its vast array of seasons. It’s probably my favorite place to host a session because it’s far enough out that other photographers don’t usually go. This means we have prime shooting spaces all to ourselves. It has such a variety of land marks from open fields, to river views, to basalt rock formations, and old growth oak forest. This IS the wild, wild West. The other great thing about this place is there are no cliffs or drop offs where we shoot so it’s safe for families. I tend to shutter when I see small mobile children in places where cliffs hang and drop into valleys below.

Wildflowers are my absolute favorite to shoot in (and through and around and behind) and are part of the aesthetic being my brand, Wildling. (No. It’s is not from Game of Thrones). So you know, I am absolutely here for them.

While we are at it

Let’s note that this is maybe cutest, most perfectly styled family ever. This beautiful mama asked if it was wrong to wear a jumpsuit to a photo session, since every session ever has mamas in big flowing floor length dresses with all manner of lace, fringe and embroidery. So mamas who don’t love dresses: Wear the jumpsuit. Wear the torn jeans and band t-shirt. Wear that leather banded fedora. The whole point is to capture you. In you perfectly imperfect way.