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Well, my name is Deb. I'm a long time Portlander and love the Pacific Northwest about as much as one possibly can. I am constantly scouring the area looking for the most magical and wild

places. I am an artist. I believe there's more to life than meets the naked eye, and I'm always searching for what that something is. My art is my effort to see that bigger, often more hidden something that transcends our everyday experience.




At my deepest core, I'm a storyteller. My art is my effort to hang onto the past. It's my effort to bottle up and save the moments before they pass-childhood innocence, and fresh romance, and unharnessed soul and the tiny details of all stages of life. People change, and life changes, and memories change to fit our personal narratives. My art is my way of grasping and savoring those moments before they're gone. They're honest photographs. Holding the truths as our memories fade.




I'll capture the feelings you hope to remember, and more importantly, feel. Photography should open your aliveness. Flood your soul with a reawakening. Take you back to the very moments. They should bring you the happiness and warmth and wistful affection of times passed. These are not just something to fill a frame and hang on your wall. These are heirlooms. Frozen moments. Your memorandum for your future generations.