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I love my children and the sense of wonder they bring to me. The way I get to relive childhood through them. I am a serial home redecorator. I love ponchos (a little too much), and house plants (also a little too much), and Justin Timberlake (just the right amount).




I'm a sucker for story telling...and our session together will be your story. From the moment we leave the car and until we say good-bye, our time will reflect our adventure. The love, the laughter, the movement, the chaos, the joy, and even the tears.


I'll capture the feelings you hope to remember, and more importantly, feel. Photography should open your aliveness. Flood your soul with a reawakening. Take you back to that very moment. You should feel the warmth and the connection. These are not just something to fill a frame and hang on your wall. These are heirlooms. Frozen moments. Your memorandum for your future generations.




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