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An Open Letter For Future Clients

My art is emotive.

It tends to stray toward the less obvious. Toward wistful and soulful. My goal is honest photographs…those kind are my favorite. The true moments where no one remembers I’m even there. My entire artist manifesto speaks to this. This is why my best works happens at the end of our session. When you’ve let your guard down and we’ve become friends hanging out on a sun drenched evening letting the kids wander free and explore their worlds.

Each and every gallery will have a wild variation of images, yet every gallery will be cohesive and consistent enough to hang together in your home. But no two galleries will ever be the same. No family will ever shoot in the same wild space twice…with each booking we will adventure together to new and magical places, making every year that much more special.

“When I’m gone little one, remember to go out into nature. Go out and whisper to the wild. Talk to the moss, the blackberries and the bees. Wonder with dandelions, starlings, inch worms and trees. Laugh with the river and sing with the moon. I’ll be there in the wind, answering you” -Nicolette Sowder

This is how your photographs will feel. This is what I give you.