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“a painting, drawing, photograph or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face head or shoulders”

According to the Oxford English Dictionary a portrait is an engraving of a person. The first time I read the definition, I was basically in my office chair with my mouth open and mind blown. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard or more perfect way of describing what portraiture means to me as a photographer. You’ve heard me talk about honest photographs, and if engraving a person isn’t the end goal of portraiture then butter me up and call me a biscuit.

Maybe you don’t know this beautiful human above. You’ve probably never seen her, met her, even walked by her on the street. And if you were to choose words about her based solely on these photographs what would they be? A free spirit? A sttrong female? A maverick? A badass?

Do it for you

If you haven’t figured by now, I am a complete sucker for mamas (and non-mamas alike) asking for sessions. I’ve gotten into the habit now of pulling moms aside at every session and can I just tell you…when they stand on that precipice or rocky outcropping or base of the waterfall with their hair blowing and dress catching the wind, their partners and kids are like “OH EM GEE” every single time.

Some secret and hidden part of their soul comes out suddenly and a sense of ease and peace falls over them. We probably start out laughing because we are doing mock tai chi movements or Herbal Essence shampoo commercial shwoops, but these are the most beloved images I take. Knowing I’ve empowered someone and made them feel so beautiful in this moment.

In Conclusion

I’m calling all of my feminine muses out there come and let me photograph your most wild self and hidden soul. Next you will take these images and have them printed. You’ll be expected to hang them and finally, be proud of them. For every feminine soul on this great earth, there is a muse inside. I can find it. Come book your feminine muse session.