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A Dwaal by the River

A what by the river?

I have this thing about strange words. I mean about strange things in general, but about strange, beautiful, unused and mostly forgotten words. Words that describe the phenomena we think we don’t have words for. Like the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes before bed (Phosphenes). Or the sound of the wind through the trees (psithurism).

But today we discuss a “dwaal.” A South African noun, which means “a dreaming, drifting, drowsy state. To wander or stray as if one is dreaming” Which might, MAYBE, describe a lot of the bumbling around I do in this great big world. But it also describes what I like to bring to the proverbial table with my art.

What makes it dreamy to me?

Hazy sunshine, grainy texture, wild abandon, nostalgic colors, purposeful light leaks. The things that make us “feel” when we look back at the imperfect 35mm point and shoot photos our parents took of us in our backyards. These are what feel dreamy to me. They feel timeless. Like a dwaal through time and space.

What feels dreamy to you?

So I implore you…when you look at someone’s art, what do you feel? Why do you feel that way? Why does your photographer’s art speak to you? When I ask people why they choose me, what they like about my imagery they like two things: The honest imagery and the honest stories behind them. Because honesty is relatable, right? My kids are naughty and my house is messy and one of my kids gets so hangry we have to hide from her. Real stuff. And second, they like the nostalgia. The warm, vintage colors. They feel transported to simpler times.

Wanna make your dreams come true with me? Wanna wander dreamlike through the beautiful PNW treasures I happen to know about and create magic and memories together? Like these guys did? And also these guys right here? Come with me! Let’s chat.