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A Serendipitous Story: Portland at it’s best

Come at me, Portland

Oh man, do I ever fall behind in the summertime due to too much fun, too many adventures, and all the amazing people who come my way for sessions. On that note, let’s talk about this amazing family. Fresh from Iowa they were hoping for something to show the family back home encompassing the Pacific Northwest in her true beauty. And boy did she deliver.

What I thought

was going to be this magical place with a little bit of sun drenched everything turned into literally a little bit of everything. Sun and drenched. Both. Luckily for them I make so many bad jokes they didn’t even really notice the fat raindrops falling while courtesy laughing at my dry humor. Seriously. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before unless you’ve hung around a lot of middle aged dads.

I mean let’s talk about this dang rainbow, right? We could see both ends of it and although we looked for gold, we only found cows. But cows are better than nothing, so it’s a win. Let also note something important:

These are older kids

Not toddlers, not sitters, and not freshies. These are teens and tweens and well, one nearly eight year old, and if you know anything about eight year old boys then you know what I’m saying. Now. Did it take the boys a little bit of time to warm up? Yes. Did I jump right out of the car and make them smile? No. Did I really ever ask them to smile? Okay just once. By then end of our session I just know they were sad they weren’t going to hear my jokes anymore. (I actually love photographing older kids if you can’t tell…)

Okay. Back to the weather. Which is very important and the whole point. Just kidding. The whole point is this rad session. BUT. Despite the starting rain, they totally entertained me by hiking 1.3 miles in to this spot, then not not being able to see the two mountains because of the clouds rolling in so quickly. But that sunshine and the wild grass made them forget all about the sprinkles. Oh. And the ponderosa pinecones. Because I’m told they’re ENORMOUS.

And in the end the sky absolutely opened and the rain poured and the sun sparkled through the clouds and created the most amazing prismatic lens flares and in true cinematic fashion they ran and laughed and danced through the rain until they really didn’t even notice the rain stopped and the set light warmed their shoulders. Off came their coats and quilts as we adventured back to the bottom of the lookout and ended our session in the cool blue light of a Columbia gorge evening. Now that, will give you something to tell the people back home. See s’more of my work here.