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Getting Fresh in Portland

No. I do not mean what was allowed in pre-pandemic days. I mean fresh little babies. And there is nothing like visiting a Portland home to see the wee ones so freshly earthside.

I love photographing families with newborns in their homes. There is something intimate about showing up to someone’s home, and seeing their life through my eyes. Sometimes it’s sparkling and clutter free, but mostly it’s real life. Bottles and wipes and burp rags and SO MUCH LAUNDRY. But there is perfection in all of the imperfection, because it’s what’s real. And soon the bottles and wipes and burp rags will disappear.

But not the laundry. I am so, so sorry.

Most people, and I am speaking from my own heart here, don’t really want to entertain people in their homes when the dust is like tumbleweeds that could easily take you out. Most people want you to think they never have dirty dishes. Social media of course wants all y’all to think no one ever lives in their home and makes a mess. BUT. I think the mess is the reason you should have someone photograph in your home. Because smiling photos are all fine and dandy but they sure don’t tell a real story, and they sure hide your everyday reality.

Leave the mess because it is real

Seriously. Look away. It’s hard I know, but a creative photographer will find their way around, over and through the mess. They will see the beauty and authenticity in it. And they will create magic among the mess. Trust me. I know messes.

Now the truth of the matter is, I am hired 99% of the time to adventure with folks. To take them into beautiful spaces in the beautiful evening light and let them run around while I wrangle their free spirited children. So I betcha didn’t know I’ll come to you, right? But I will don my mask and hand sanitizer and come into your world and together we can create memories to last a lifetime. Let’s talk about your vision.