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Laconic In All The Ways | Silent Vancouver Magic

If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s NOT being laconic. Because I’m actually quite good at using way too many words to try to get my point across, which means I probably lose a lot of people in all of my ramblings and on and onning. Probably you. Right now.

One of the things I most adore about photography is it’s ability to tell a story without words. One of the most common compliments I receive from clients is “We love our gallery. It’s like a story of our family adventure.” Which is the whole point right? For our photographs to capture and freeze in time the things are brains fail to remember, or things we tend to file away.

With that in mind

This session is laconic. It needs few words to make it’s point. Now if only SEO would allow me to say fewer words the world would be a better place right? So I’ll try to add some beautiful words here, but as you’ll see, the spring phlox and flying cotton and gentle blue ripples pretty much say everything on their own.

A mama of three, and soon to be four, we had this special session just to document these last special days with the baby of the family. This sweet little guy was full of wonder and wild, and man is his life about to change with a new someone getting ready to join the family.

I mean, what even is this? This is just a regular place where people come to swim and for sure they bring beer because they leave the cans around. (My dudes. Pack it in, Pack it out, mm kay?) It doesn’t take a magical “epic” place, it just takes some magical and epic love. Now that’s a cliche if I’ve ever heard one.

Adventure is out there

My sessions are organized and purposeful. I know my spots well before I shoot. I know where the light falls and I have a plan and a map in my head before we start so we hit the trails. We never back track. I never say “oh wait let’s go back to this place.” And I rarely say “Wait do that again” because immediately you lose the authenticity of that moment. My sessions have a rhythm and flow. They are purposeful and intentional. Never hurried. They are never ever forced.


Back to the word of the day…laconic. This incredible soon to be mama and her boy played in the tall flowers, and tried to catch the soft cotton flying through the air. Then we made our way down to the river where he played and romped as mama watched. She hung on to him and stayed close….all captured here. A little guy still clinging to mama for protection, but just brave enough to wander just far enough away. After playing in the last drops of sunshine and tossing the last best stone into the river, we wandered back up to the grass to snuggle. See? Just real moments, and regular people being exactly who they are.

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