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Families of Teens

There comes a point when your sweet toddling babes grow into curious littles, who grow into tweens, teens, then eventually leave the nest. Many families stop taking yearly portraits as their kids grow older, only to realize years down the road they have little to no photographs with their teenage/college age children! Why? Because teens can be “difficult, have attitudes about sacrificing an evening, or are just plain not interested in anything family related. But there will come a time when these photographs will be heirlooms they’ll look back on and love, and someday share with their children. Plus…I’m like…super good at puns and terrible jokes so they are bound to roll their eyes at me, if not laugh. Sessions are always lighthearted and fun and I swear…never tortuous.

family of three in the flowers
Family of three laughing
Family of three in the flowers
Sister putting flower in brother's hair
Boy putting flower in moms hair
three people standing together
Two teens mid air
Teen siblings hugging
Mom and two kids'
family walking away
family laying on a blanket