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Finding Beauty in Riot

I took my kids to downtown Portland, where the protests and riots are taking place. I gave them each a point and shoot camera, and told them they could photograph anything they wanted (even if it said a “bad word”). I needed them to see how angry and hopeful people are, and how much inequity and injustice exists here at home. Surprisingly, their camera images weren’t full of hate and curse words, but rather full of big and small images of hope and love. The images below are truly documentary images…no posing, no direction, just kids exploring their environment and the organic moments that follow.

blm portland or
portland Oregon graffiti
George Floyd mural
portland Oregon mural
mural downtown portland
mural downtown portland
Window front BLM
Broken windows Portland or
kid taking photos
Pioneer place portland
Kids in downtown portland
Pioneer place Portland
Portland painted rock
Portland Oregon
I can't breathe mural Portland
BLM Portland wall
graffiti wall Portland
Kids in front of graffiti wall'
George Floyd mural
Hopi prophecy on cardboard
Portland graffiti
Portland graffiti
Listen love listen mural
Portland mural
portland mural