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Dog Moms

Guess what? Moms aren’t just women carrying lukewarm coffee and stepping on legos as they walk to the laundry room wondering why they haven’t heard their kid make a sound in three minutes. Moms are amazing, whether they are single or partnered, boy moms, girl moms, trans moms, plant moms…but I have an extra special place in my heart for dog moms. Because so many of us were dog moms before we were human moms. And those furballs taught us to love unconditionally and to worry and to hope. So to all the dog moms out there: they need family photos too!

But My Dog is Wild

Yes. And it’s completely ok. Because it is super exciting for any single one of us to see a human in the pandemic world amiright? As a proud owner of too many dogs (which according to my husband are endangered breeds so we should have more or stud them out or whatever but NO), I can tell unless you dog is going to bite me and try to eat my face off, excited dogs don’t bother me one bit.

Now this extra good boi here received the Canine Good Citizen Award (my pets do not qualify for this, in case you were wondering). And no not everyone can be a good boi. But there are some ways you can help make our session smooth and joyful and fun.

Walk them. Before the session. A long, long walk, so they can be chill.

Bring their favorite treats (this applies to children and fathers also. See here for more about bribery)

Keep them on the leash if they’ll romp. We can hide their leash and you won’t lose a dog.

Host the session in your home! Keep them within their territory and familiar spaces.

A few more ideas…in case none of these work.

These little fur balls come enter and exit our lives but never our hearts. In a short decade of life they would have made your heart grow a hundred sizes. And once they leave this world, you certainly shan’t forget them.

So in a world where we need inclusivity, please bring me your dog.