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Spotted: Moms in the Wild

The Mom. The Myth. The Legend. And so it goes that over the years us mothers can lose a sense of who we truly are. That over time our roots gray and our faces show lines from the laughter and joy our children bring. Gravity. It happens. We can lose sight of the women we once were. We may not feel as smart, accomplished, together, fit…and a whole slew of other words and phrases we come to assign to ourselves. Personally, I prefer cast member on The Walking Dead. But underneath the superfluous layers…beneath the nine to five jobs, the stable partner, and the mother, the mopper, the only person in the house who would ever think to actually wash the sheets, there still lingers deep in her soul , her true self. And that true self deserves to rise to the surface and shine.

Who Is She

You might ask. Or her partner might ask. This isn’t the woman drinking cold coffee thrice microwaved with a side bun and pajama pants. This woman is enchanting. She is glowing. She is soulful and free and marvelous. She looks deep into her heart and releases all of her inhibitions and insecurities. She feels strong and beautiful and confident. In this moment she is free of her debt. She owes absolutely nothing to anyone but herself. And doesn’t it show?

She is a mother

With two young kids. She carries the same burdens, worries and fears all mothers bear. She has to go home after this early foggy morning and see her kids off to school. Make sure their lunches are packed and they actually brushed their teeth and didn’t lie about it. But she can still be captured in her wildest and most free space, and have these art pieces adorning her wall to remind her just how beautiful she truly is.

I talk more about the mother as muse here. Do yourself a favor. Something that is solely for you. Or for your partner…send her off on a session just for her. Keep photographs of just yourself. Have that lone portrait session…apart from your children and your partner. To remind yourself that regardless of where your journey has taken you and where you find yourself, that you are not defined by the titles you bear, but by the good of your soul.

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