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Portland Family Session | Lovers In the Couve

Sort of like the Doors, and Riders on the Storm, but locally flavored. I have known one of these incredible ladies for many years. Mostly we talk everyday, but there are times we went whole years without speaking. Yet our friendship has weathered a million and one personal ups and downs. We’ve lost jobs and friends, parents and relationships. Through these ebbs and tides one might call life, these two found one another, and have decided to bring new life into this world together. And man, will this little one have the love of so many good souls one earthside.

They approached me, asking I photograph their melded family, in their home, in matching pajamas no less. Which, if you follow along with my work is certainly not my aesthetic. No windblown hair, and no flowy bohemian wildflower sniffing babes. BUT. I knew their love, and had watched it grow, and felt so humbled they trusted me to photograph these moments. These were their first family photos. These were the first photos, in fact, in fifteen years. They are every bit as messy and imperfect as life is, which makes them absolute perfection. This is their real. Their story. Their loud, their joy and their quiet. And this is why I photograph families. There are a million photographers out there…some love our community and some feel competitive. But this. This session. Is why I don’t quit…because even today, a month after this session, I open their gallery and it makes me feel. I can feel their love. The way they look into each others eyes. They way they laugh when I ask why they have a custom desk that chairs do not really fit under. The remnants of family activity nights and board games despite not owning a tea kettle…this is the real.

This is how photographs should make you feel. Alive. Nostalgic. Joyful. Sad. These are your moments made tangible. Follow their baby making journey at here.