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Mama Muse

Motherhood. It’s beautiful. It makes you laugh. It makes you cry. It makes you grateful for snacks and also makes you wish snacks were never invented. When I started my photography journey, it began as my own want and need to capture my kids as they grew and changed. At some point, friends started offering to pay me for photos of their families. I dabbled in all kinds of photography. Families, posed newborns (um….no), seniors, weddings, headshots….and in the midst of pandemic life, I had really thought on my ultimate dream client. My dream session. What it would look like, how it would feel, and most importantly, how my art would leave my clients feeling.

The Mother Muse

My work has undoubtedly evolved, into the mother muse. Who she is…is so much more than just the mother to her children. She is a strong hero to her children. She is a lover to her partner. She is the chauffeur, the laundress, the housekeeper, the gardener, the homeschool marm, and the car seat gunk cleaner outer. But before this…before all of this, she was a woman. And there are times in her life when she has most definitely felt more confident and beautiful than she does in her daily routine.

What’s the point Deb

I want to capture more than just your family. My end goal is not the posed photo where everyone smiles and looks happy and mildly genuine. If this is what you seek, I am not your photographer. I want you to see the way your children look up to you and at you. I want to capture how they snuggle against your side when I tease them and how genuine that snuggle is. I love when they reach out and trace the wrinkles by your smiling eyes. I love when they grab your grown hand with their tiny one. I want to see you reach down and buckle their shoes. Because THAT is real. I want to let the kids loose to play and explore and sneakily photograph you mama, standing proud and tall in the grass while you watch your babes frolic in the freedom of their joy. And those images. Those will remind you mama, of who you are. You are so much more than just a mom. You are a muse. And you deserve to be reminded.

Some of my most beloved sessions are those simply of mothers. Mothers dressed up and feeling their most beautiful, and it’s just me and them in the wildflowers or up in the mountains laughing and reminding her of her beauty, strength, value and humaness. This I can give to you. To see one such beautiful mama, click here. For more of my work, click here.