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Memory Project

Dementia is a thief.

A photograph is a memory.

Dementia is near and dear to my heart, I want to give back to you in the best way I can: Memories. If you or someone you know is coping with memory loss, please Enquire Here and let’s start a conversation. In exchange for your time and cooperation, every image I capture will be yours forever. My gift to you. I want to capture their mannerisms, their character, their struggles and loss, their smiles and your love. Little pieces of them for you to cherish.

My father has dementia. I remember the day he told me he knew he was having trouble remembering things. It started small…like where he left his keys, and did he brush his hair. Soon I would find his shelves bare because he had forgotten to get groceries, or he would find himself lost on his usual way home. The saddest part was not the day he looked at me and no longer knew who I was; I had already grieved his loss. The hardest part was when he lost his song. He had the most incredible singing voice. Smooth like Elvis. Long after his conversational words were lost, music would play and he could still sing every word. Eventually…those words were lost too. Time is precious, and dementia takes everything.